Stepping onto technologies of tomorrow

Data Analytics is the new mantra when you want to get onto the technology of tomorrow. It this with spirit of enquiry that I set out to search the web to get the right training to augment my years of training in IT. While the fact that professional help becomes crucial for a novice in programming or statistics can be hardly overemphasized, it is with solace that we are going through a structured training in new tech trends to help tomorrow’s Data Analyst, tomorrow’s Data Scientist in a course offered by Edureka Online Training

We started this journey couple of weeks ago with the basics of course schedule, expectations with the aim of taking simple basic steps as though to justify Einstein’s quote on making things simple, I quote “Make things as simple as possible and no simpler than that”. Crux of the initial effort was to understand “R” Language and the tools, packages, functionalities associated with it.

What is Analytics and, why R?

Analytics is the study of business data using statistical techniques and programming for creating support and get insights for the purpose of making decisions and achieving business goals. R is the popular language that is being developed specifically for this purpose of handling large analysis to help solve today’s business challenges.

The trainer we have is aware of the world we live in today and, provides help for those who do not have much programming background. He substantiates that all you need in a class like this is a bit of maths background, some statistics knowledge but lots of passion to learn something new and, be ready to expend efforts. It has been a enjoyable journey till date. Shall report back on specifics of the course shortly.


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